The Peaceful Warrior

Oh my, how lovely you have all been sharing your experiences of stress and how you manage it (eating a pint of ice cream or taking seroquel were my favourite suggestions), and giving me wise words of encouragement.

I am glad to report that I am back to my usual chirpy self: the sun is flooding into the apartment, the patio doors are open and I can see the swans gliding elegantly on the canal; my neighbour has just bought me round a plant and a bottle of wine (at 8.30 am!), and I am sipping coffee and writing – life feels good again. Continue reading

Stressed to Kill

When I started planning my reinvention into something new and sparkly and amazing, it didn’t occur to me that becoming a calm, stress free goddess should have been my main focus.

Last week I got myself into a right state. At the best of times I am a stress head, worrying about things that don’t need worrying about (and certainly don’t deserve the level of attention I invariably give them); having tantrums that are neither attractive or useful; obsessed with getting things done off my to-do list (a list I have created in the first place). Continue reading