London refreshes the parts Homeland cannot reach

London - Columbia Road Flower Market

London – Columbia Road Flower Market (Photo credit: shootingjaydred)

Sometimes life feels small: day-to-day routines and responsibilities hungrily eat time, days merge together, and by Friday you realise the most exciting thing you have done all week is catch up on last week’s Homeland. And that’s fine, sometimes curling up on the sofa in my PJs, with Husband, a glass of wine, and Brody is exactly what I want, exactly what I need – a lazy distraction at the end of the day. For most of us, life isn’t exciting every day, well, I guess unless you’re a multimillionaire and you have a team of people to shield you from the boring bits. Oh… Imagine. How wonderful. ‘I’m sorry that’s way too dull for me, please pass it on to my people.’ (Although, I’m sure millionaires still watch Homeland.) Continue reading