Is Hair a Feminist Issue?

English: A photo of an American female's under...

English: A photo of an American female’s underarm hair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I go through my morning de-fuzzing rituals, I start laughing to myself. I wonder what I would look like au naturel – I mean, how hairy am I? I’m not sure at what age I first fell out with body hair: 14? 15? I guess when I started experimenting with make-up I also became aware of hair, and more significantly, its new status of ‘not welcome here’. Underarm hair and leg hair were the first to go. But at that age I didn’t understand the implications of the act: I was trying to fit in and trying to grow up, and that was more than enough to be dealing with.

As I stepped into the world of boys and sex (no, I am not telling you what age I lost my virginity!) I became aware of the next unwelcome member of the hair possy – the bikini line. Continue reading