Ain’t Love Grand

My Love Life 01

My Love Life 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would feel sad that I didn’t get to spend the day with him, but actually I just floated around in a bubble of love, smiling to myself, like a mad woman. If anything, being apart encouraged me to appreciate what we have even more; yes, the cliché of absence makes the heart grow fonder playing out before me. (I know it’s gauche to be smug about one’s love life – but please indulge me, just for today…)

Over the last eight years so many areas of my life have not gone to plan, but along with those unplanned challenges came an unexpected love.

After having my heart broken in my early thirties, I reinvented myself as strong and independent (well, after the getting drunk and sobbing stage) determined to embrace Continue reading

The Chavtastic Snob

‘I can’t come in with you, I know I’ll do inappropriate laughing. I’ll wait here.’

Husband went off to see if there was a room available.

‘Yup. £40. I didn’t see the room, but I saw the hall, bar and breakfast room.’

‘And?’ I asked hesitantly.

‘Well, it’s pretty chintzy, but it’s cleanish,’ Husband replied.

‘Okay babe. Hey, it’s only one night.’

And all the other B&Bs we’d seen had their no vacancies’ signs in the windows.

I walked into the room and there it was – all that inappropriate laughter spewed out. The 1970s formica furniture and faded net curtains laughed right back at me. Continue reading