Sorry Ma’am, one’s Britishness did not arrive

Maybe it will arrive today, in a glorious explosion, I mused. As I went through security and had my bag searched by a very young man in army uniform, I started to look out for my Britishness, my sense of national pride which had so far eluded me.

Now, I have loved the Olympics: I haven’t been so addicted that I have had an exclusive relationship over the last two weeks, but I have definitely been dating. But, despite this relationship, I haven’t felt part of the British ‘Group Hug’.

I have watched in awe as these Olympians have performed. I have been inspired and impressed by their dedication, hard work and what they can get their bodies to do. And yes, I will also Continue reading

Have you got ‘IT’?

No wine, for a month (a MONTH – is it an overreaction to cry?), the email from my nutritionist suggested; the email had other recommendations too, but they didn’t reach my consciousness – I think there was something about no Green and Black’s, but I’m not sure – NO WINE was running on repeat. NO WINE.

Since receipt of said email, I have had a rather lively internal debate over whether I can do this or not. I know, I sound pathetic don’t I? And I am slightly worried that just the thought of going without wine is causing me so much angst: what does this say about me? Have I got a drink problem? Am I seriously lacking in the willpower department? (Oh God, both of these?) Continue reading