The Peaceful Warrior

Oh my, how lovely you have all been sharing your experiences of stress and how you manage it (eating a pint of ice cream or taking seroquel were my favourite suggestions), and giving me wise words of encouragement.

I am glad to report that I am back to my usual chirpy self: the sun is flooding into the apartment, the patio doors are open and I can see the swans gliding elegantly on the canal; my neighbour has just bought me round a plant and a bottle of wine (at 8.30 am!), and I am sipping coffee and writing – life feels good again. Continue reading

I have a Toy Boy

On paper it shouldn’t work: he is 25 and I am – well, not; he left school at 16 and trained as a hairdresser, I took the university route, topping up later with a Masters; he is a family man with two small children and I don’t have a maternal bone in my body.

But in fact, he has become one of the most inspirational people in my life. It started when he popped my fringe cherry about three years ago. I went to see him because I couldn’t get in with my usual hairdresser and so the ‘love’ affair began. He was braver in his style choices – I liked. We also bonded over a phase we were both going through at the time of drinking wheatgrass shots (a phase we have both moved on from!). Continue reading