How do you feel about Christmas?

I find December a weird month; if I was living in a bubble with just Hubby and I, we would probably forget it is Christmas. The festive period just doesn’t mean anything to us – well, apart from the fact that Husband gets a few days off and we get to hang out together, which is always lovely. But we don’t do presents, we don’t have a tree or any festive decorations, and we only send cards to those people who would never forgive us if they didn’t receive one. Continue reading

iLust. iLove. iChange.

Of all the changes I have made since I started my reinvention tour, this is without a doubt the most exciting: I am now the ridiculously chuffed owner of an iPad.

Any of you who hang out with me on Twitter or Facebook, will have seen me get a little carried away over my recent purchase: ‘I’m so excited I can’t breathe’ may ring a bell!

To you this may be just a small laptop, but to me this is a life changing event. I know, a bold statement, even for this self-confessed drama queen, but bear with me. Continue reading

Prada to Primark

I was aware I had stopped listening, that I was looking – possibly staring – enviously at the woman on the next table. She was super stylish, she seemed confident and comfortable in her own skin, as she sipped her glass of champagne. But what I was most taken with was her Harvey Nichols bag. I don’t think I was actually dribbling, but I may as well have been.

We were in a swanky restaurant in Leeds celebrating my husband’s birthday. A place I would have loved Continue reading