Readers are lovely!

Look at all the lovely things you have written:

‘KEEP WRITING… it is so good!!’ Claire

‘Love this post, Karen. That last sentence in bold beautifully expresses the ideal way to think of ourselves. Some people thing that acceptance is the same as resignation but it’s not at all. Acceptance is just the starting point. From there, the sky’s the limit for you!’ Toni Bernhard

‘You are a naturally gifted writer. It is funny how easy it is for others to “see” what we ourselves cannot… Thank you for sharing this and I am very happy to see you off the sofa.’ Peace, Diane

‘You have such a fab way with words Karen. I know it sounds cheesy, but you’re an inspiration to me on my journey. I’m glad to have you to share it with. Continued courage, light and joy to you lovely.’ Gifted Hand

‘You really are a great writer and have amazing strength and insight… Your writing has helped a lot of people and keep the hope going when things feel bleak and keep the positives going when things go good! Keep writing please!’ Clariebelle x

‘I love what you write 🙂 Hugs from Iceland.’  Alma Lilja

‘As always Karen, you’re a real inspiration! Talk to you soon, I’m sure we’ll bump into each other somewhere on the interweb :-)’ Miss Brandt 

‘This is your best to date, I loved it!  It  has such depth and insight and yet injected with sufficient humour to keep it fresh.’ Maggie

‘This is such an important post! Lessons can sometimes be very difficult when we are smack dab in the center of them… But don’t feel too bad about the 7-year lesson. I’m sure we’ll all be sitting on the rocking chair on the front porch of our lives one day and in our waning years we’ll still get struck by an occasional epiphany of insight into something we’ve been doing for many more years than 7!… Thanks for the great post and the wonderful insight, Karen!’ Ken Wert

‘Hi, I’ve just found your blog and been reading through a few of your posts. Love it!’ Laura

‘I think you should write a book 🙂 Just a thought!’ Sipora

‘What a great post. I love the idea of a ‘nip and tweak’ and thinking of things as a continual process… I am definitely going to keep this post in mind over the coming weeks when I find my motivation flagging, I just need a tune-up here and there!’ Charlotte

2 thoughts on “Readers are lovely!

  1. You write about things we all think about, but in ways which really make us look more deeply or differently at them, and often about things we daren’t voice ourselves. I love your writing. Keep it up!

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