I love and accept myself…

‘Wow. You don’t have any lines on your forehead’ my best friend observed (much to the delight of my new no fringe hair cut). But what started out as an innocent comment quickly spiralled into a detailed assessment of our faces and bodies.

‘Yeah but my wrinkles round my eyes are really bad’ I replied.

‘I think my eyes have actually started dropping.’

‘I don’t think the dark circles around my eyes are getting any worse as I get older, so that’s something isn’t it?’ I said hopefully. Continue reading

Life begins at 40

This is it. I am a walking, living, breathing cliché, who is about to ‘start’ life again at 40.

Let’s just say that about seven years ago life took an unexpected – and rather annoying – turn when I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

As I come out of the other side, I am ready, ready to, well, just ready.

I have this incredible opportunity to start again – which is exciting – but start again at what? Yes, you’ve got it, here I am on my own personal reinvention tour. Continue reading