Ooh, hello 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (Photo credit: Rinoninha)

Hey my lovelies,

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful New Year – may it be full of love, laughter and adventure.

I know I have been quiet of late (always reason for suspicion). Unfortunately, I’ve not been very well over the last few weeks. I won’t bore you with the details – I’ve got Husband for that, the lucky man – but let’s just say it’s been more of a sofa season than a party season.

I must say, this is not quite the bold start to my year I had envisaged. Maybe I will start my new year in February. Yes, February, it is. The fashionably late start to the year, but oh what an entrance it will be.

Lots of new year love to you all, and I’ll see you soon…


14 thoughts on “Ooh, hello 2013

  1. Hi Karen
    Have been following your blog for a while and have always wanted to tell you how inspiring I’ve found it. Sorry that it’s not quite the start to 2013 you had envisaged. I too have been pretty much sofa bound (‘Homeland’ and audiobooks my lifesavers) . February is always a more positive month anyway, with the promise of spring around the corner. So here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 starting in February, for us all

    • Hi Mich

      Thank you for the lovely message.

      I’m sorry to hear that damn sofa has been clinging on to you too. Oh yes, I have loved Homeland.

      And hey, not long until February now. And may it be so full of energy we burst!


  2. Hey Miss Lovely, long time nocomment for moi but still reading and enjoying :)but had noticed a tail off in blogs was hoping you had some fab writing deal 🙂 Am sure you will bounce back in Feb with renewed pizzazz and rock 2013!! Be kind to yourself Mrs .. signing off to go juice.Santa got me a juicer they taste yummier than they look hihi xx

    • Hey, lovely.

      Haha, I like your version of events loads better: too busy to blog as getting paid soooo much money to write a weekly column!

      I am glad to report I can feel some pizzazz getting through. Which is very handy as we are off to Mexico a week tomorrow!

      Very impressed with your commitment to juicing. I did go through a juicing phase but got fed up with the faff. You are a better woman than me.

      Hope all is well with you and you are having a rocking start to 2013.


    • Thank you for the love, Sarah, you are such a sweetheart.

      I’m very glad to say the Treacle Monster seems to have left the building and I am on track for my grand entrance in February!

      Hope all is just wonderful with you…


  3. Happy New February when it comes along!
    Sorry you have been sofa bound Karen and hope you feel better soon.
    I have had a similar journey to yours but have found a supplement that has literally given me my life back, it has helped lots of people with CFS/ME and lots of other conditions. If you want to know more please email me or call me. 07804 593 034 or email maggie.engelhard@ntlworld.com
    All the best for a fresh start in Feb!! xx

    • Hi Maggie

      Thank you so much for the kind offer. And it’s great to hear that you are doing so well.

      Thankfully, I am coming back to life. I might even be ready for my bold start to the year!

      Hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you, Maggie.


  4. well crap and yes I am late commenting but I really have nothing much to say except I’m with you on the sofa or in my case, the bed most of the time. why bother buying new spring clothes when I need more pj bottoms! so checking out all the new styles of them…might as well be pj- stylish! isn’t this just pathetic? ah well, we are in good company. I’ve met some lovely wp bloggers going thru a bad winter. in cal. we’re getting radiated too, let us please not forget! and the nastiest flu in a decade. I’m hiding!

    xoxox on that cheery note, sending love and healing your way, dearie! & hearts;

    • Hello wonderful Linda

      Oh no, bed bound is not good. I hope you are on the up, my dear.

      I am glad to say I am coming back to life and spending far less time on the sofa.

      Oh, yes, PJs. I have a fabulous collection. One still likes to look good when lounging!

      Take care…


      • glad to read your are feeling better, sweets. hoping to see you around once in awhile when you aren’t out having fun. me? i’m still on the sofa but have bon bons so not so bad. and pjs galore! 🙂 xox

  5. It’s February. Hope you’re doing better. It’s not that easy sometimes, I know. All the best to you from Canada. You don’t want to be here in February. Something to be thankful for.

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