Have you got ‘IT’?

No wine, for a month (a MONTH – is it an overreaction to cry?), the email from my nutritionist suggested; the email had other recommendations too, but they didn’t reach my consciousness – I think there was something about no Green and Black’s, but I’m not sure – NO WINE was running on repeat. NO WINE.

Since receipt of said email, I have had a rather lively internal debate over whether I can do this or not. I know, I sound pathetic don’t I? And I am slightly worried that just the thought of going without wine is causing me so much angst: what does this say about me? Have I got a drink problem? Am I seriously lacking in the willpower department? (Oh God, both of these?)

But I LOVE wine. I’m not a huge drinker (this is the truth and not some act of denial!) but at the weekends I look forward to a couple of glasses of wine with dinner; it’s my favourite indulgence – mmmmm, super chilled Sauvignon Blanc (luke warm white wine should be illegal). It’s a treat I allow myself, a treat I savour – a treat I am contemplating going without.

And we all have our treats don’t we: curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit; eating Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream straight from the tub – when your boyfriend is out for the night, so you don’t have to share; that 3 pm chocolate treat you have at your desk, even though you know you probably shouldn’t; the extra shot, extra-large, full fat latte you pick up on your way to work.

Whatever your guilty pleasure is, could you give it up for a month…? Ha, not so easy now we’re talking about you eh? (I know I am not the only weak one amongst us!)

I got this email on the day the Olympics started, and as I watch these perfect bodies go about their amazing feats, I want to scream at myself ‘get a grip woman’. If these athletes can do what they do, put in all the hours of training, follow strict nutritional plans, and dedicate their lives to their sport, you can go without a few glasses of wine woman. Surely…

It always fascinates me how different we all are. And in this instance, I am fascinated that some people have ‘IT’ – that magical combination of drive, determination, self-discipline, willpower and self-belief, all wrapped up in a big ‘do whatever it takes’ bow – and some people don’t; or what most of us seem to have is ‘IT’ some of the time, but not all of the time.

So, I guess it’s simple really: all I need to do is channel me some of that Olympic ‘IT’ Factor. Simple…

17 thoughts on “Have you got ‘IT’?

  1. i used to love wine so much that my nickname was “wine lady”. but i gave it up entirely last september. it’s not as awful as you expect. promise.

  2. Would you really want the purpose of your life to be being 1/100th of a second faster than other people.

    The stuff they do to themselves is just awful.

    As to wine, chocolate, reading books . . . – if it is costing you more than money there is a problem. This avoids all those labels about addiction (= doing a behaviour more than your therapist does).

    Can you think of ways to get the same pleasure from a different source? If so you have just expanded the possibilities you have for pleasure. Sounds like a good thing to me!

    • Yeah, you’re right Evan! Can you imagine training six hours a day six days a week (those bodies though…).

      I don’t think I drink enough wine for it to be costing me anything more than money, but I guess that’s what I’m gonna find out.

      Ooh, I like your perspective on new pleasures! Xx

    • I know ‘it’ is not the wine! This is for my tummy, my silly sensitive tummy. I’m kinda hoping it doesn’t make too much difference, so I can get back to the wine as soon as the month is up… (assuming I last that long!). Xx

  3. That “it” is what makes those who are great separate themselves from the mediocre and average. I loved this article. I know my guilty pleasure is eating oreos with a cold glass of milk. I don’t know if I could give that up for even a week.

    • Hi Olabode

      Ooh, Oreos… I haven’t had one of those for years.

      I have done my first Friday and Saturday night sans wine; I think I am heading towards greatness!

      Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my weakness… 🙂

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  5. “And in this instance, I am fascinated that some people have ‘IT’ – that magical combination of drive, determination, self-discipline, willpower and self-belief, all wrapped up in a big ‘do whatever it takes’ bow – and some people don’t; or what most of us seem to have is ’IT’ some of the time, but not all of the time.”
    Oh, well. Motivation is great, but desperation is much better. Some of the time is nice, I like both your strengths and your weaknesses. Both are very becoming. You seem to be a ..now-whats-the-name..happy camper? Iced Chablis, I don’t care for klonk. But I drink it more rarely. Two glasses a day is in fact on the edge of being bodily destructive. And we want around for a long time yet..

    • Oh Erik, I love your comments!

      Yes, I am very much a happy camper (with or without the wine).

      It’s not two glasses every day, by the way, just at weekends – so don’t think I’m self-destructing just yet! And I have stuck to my no wine over the last few weeks, so maybe I do have ‘IT’ after all. Maybe.

      Lovely to see you here…

      • I look forward to get to know you better. And one day I WILL buy you a glass of a great white wine, perhaps a Austrian spätlese of a good vintage (just showing of) – something unknown, sweet – almost mysterious. Oh yes. You have IT.

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