Dark and Twisted

There are times in life when the delicious feeling of happiness naturally flows through your veins: your boss thinks you kick-ass, your relationship has a touch of the Beckham’s smugness, you have a group of friends to drink large glasses of wine with, and your next holiday is booked – to somewhere more exotic than Skegness. There may be a few small day-to-day ups and downs, but overall life is good; it’s easy to feel happy.

But there are, inevitably, times when happiness is more elusive, when life throws something nasty your way – and however positive you are – it’s just harder to find your happiness groove. But fear not, I have found the answer!: the ‘dark and twisted’ strategy (I may have to give it a sexier name, when it goes viral). Continue reading

To snoop or not to snoop

Last week Jools Oliver confessed to keeping tabs on her husband – checking his emails, phone and Twitter, for signs of infidelity. As Jamie makes dinner ladies melt with his cheeky smile, or flirts with the checkout girls as he encourages them to ‘try something new today’, or travels the world tempting ladies with his Italian creations, is she right to snoop? Continue reading

The Bad Wife

‘I got accepted.’

‘Oh honey, that’s amazing, I’m so pleased for you…’

I got off the phone and felt unsettled; unwelcome feelings overwhelmed me, stomping around as if they were wearing heavy boots. I am so pleased for him, and so proud of him, so proud. But… well… well, I’m jealous. There, I said it. What about me? I want something exciting to happen in my life. I want to do something life changing.

And it happens, doesn’t it? Friends or family share good news and we are pleased for them, but… But, it can also shine a bright light over our own unfulfilled wants and Continue reading