Eat, Sleep, Love

I slowly moved my hand towards his long nose and cautiously stroked his soft white skin, one eye firmly fixed on his flaring nostrils. He was so friendly and gentle, I felt silly being scared. I held out a bunch of grass. As his teeth came towards my hand I tried not to panic (but come on, they were big teeth).

It was my first time, and it took me until the last day to have the courage: I touched a horse… and I liked it…. And not just any horse – our new friend Pedro!

I had spent all week watching him; I even said hello to him every morning. I was smitten. Every time he heard a noise he would bound over to the edge of his paddock, which bordered the garden of our Finca. If horses could smile I know he would have had a big cheesy grin.

As we lounged on the terrace, the warmth from the sun was a welcome treat to our skin. And the surrounding landscape was a treat for our souls: olive trees filled the horizon, the only noise was from the birds (but so noisy) and Pedro. We became obsessed with spotting Hoopoes, glorious black and white striped birds with Mohicans. People spotting was rare: there was the man with the cows, and another man tending to his olive trees. One day we walked for a couple of hours in the surrounding area and didn’t see another person. It was all a beautiful, peaceful, living meditation.

I had to ‘borrow’ this picture as Hoopoes are shy and didn’t come close enough for us to get a photo…

We ventured to local tourist free Spanish villages, where people openly stared at us; we went to a medieval town and visited tranquil churches; we sought out local delicacies (and wine, of course) to sample; we had lunch at Atrio, a Michelin star restaurant, which included a tour round the kitchen, a chat with Tono the Chef and exploring one of the most extensive wine cellars in the world (over 2,500 wines – with the most expensive at 150, 000 Euros!)

But mostly we just stayed at the Finca, topping up our relaxation tanks – Husband escaping his busy, stressful life; me escaping my too quiet, stressful life.

The timing of this trip couldn’t have been more perfect; my spirit feels recharged, alive and ready to dance. And each night when I went to sleep the silence was golden!

Oh, and I want to thank you for all the lovely messages and support over the last few weeks (and I’m sorry if I haven’t replied to you all, I’m struggling to keep up with everything). Your kind and encouraging words have meant so much to me. Unfortunately CFS is still whipping my ass right now; I am putting up a good fight but… well, sometimes CFS is stronger. So excuse me if I am quiet on Facebook, Twitter and here – but know that the quietness means I am taking very good care of myself. Health first. (Yawn. Yawn.)

And know this my lovely blogging friends: I WILL be back… Xx

5 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Love

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing. It looks like a perfect idyllic retreat and can almost feel the aaaghhhhh as I breath out. I too had a date with horses this week and sampled ladies day at ascot from my sofa as my CFS is also misbehaving (with a little online betting of £5 🙂 but still the horses lifted my spirits! Hope your recovery road continues to be gentle and allows you to walk along without more challenges. xxx

  2. Came looking for you on your website cos you’ve been quiet recently on fb. Glad you are okay, thinking of you. x

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