Sun, Tapas and Rioja…

Hey my lovely blogging friends.

Yes, it’s that time – again! We’re off to Extremadura in Spain tomorrow for a week. We’re staying in a Finca (rustic country house) in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by olive groves, protected by Pedro the horse; the sun will be shining and the Rioja will be flowing. Yeah, sounds awful doesn’t it…

See ya soon.



Is Silence Golden?

‘Silence is not an absence of sound but rather a shifting of attention toward sounds that speak to the soul.’ Thomas Moore

As I open the curtains and patio doors, the sunlight floods into the apartment. The only noise is the sound of the birds chatting away and me going about my morning routine. I find the quiet comforting and my morning rituals meditative. I am not ready to let in noise, and as I sit down to savour my fresh coffee, I am happy to spend time alone with my thoughts about the day ahead.

But fast forward to the end of the day and I don’t find silence as comforting. I am not one of those people who falls asleep as soon as Continue reading