Is it time to stop using the ‘X’?

Apparently X-ing is out of control; even the Prime Minister has been caught with his text X-ing trousers down (putting X at the end of his texts to Rebekah Brooks).

Polly Vernon, in last week’s Grazia, writes an amusing article on how we have gone too far with the ‘X’. Well, I was laughing, until I realised a guilty verdict would be reached on my own X-ing behaviour.

And my X-ing is not limited to texting – oh no, I am X-ing all over the virtual world: if I’ve connected with someone via email, and the conversation is informal, I may sign off with a kiss; I’ve been known (okay quite often) to put kisses at the end of Tweets (and yes, these are people I have never met); I sometimes put them on the end of blog posts and blog comments. And as for texts to people I do actually know, well, it’s an X-ing feast.

I like kisses – it’s a way of sending love out into the universe, lightening the mood of the day, spreading little moments of joy (or ‘a feeble facsimile of fondness’ says Polly. Oh dear… not sounding all that loving). Am I out of control with my kisses? Have I stepped into inappropriate territory?

A quick inventory. No kisses on email to doctor. (Although he is quite hot, and I think he would be open to an X.) No kisses on a serious work email – that’s good. (Feeling quite smug about my boundaries now.) And a strict policy of no kisses on a first communication with a stranger, a kind of don’t ‘put out’ on the first date rule.

And whilst it may be possible that I am too generous with my X-ing, I am proud to say I don’t use LOL or silly smiley faces; they just seem, well, rather un-stylish. Yes, this X-ing woman has standards.

Polly advises cold turkey, but I’m just not sure I’m ready to let go. And I would need a suitable alternative close, and as seen as I had to look up Polly’s signing out TTFN (‘ta ta for now’, for those also uncool like me) it’s not looking like the X-ing is going anywhere soon… Xx

What do you think? To X or not to X…?

8 thoughts on “Is it time to stop using the ‘X’?

  1. Hahahahaha you made me chuckle. Great funny article. An unstylish Lol from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you can never x too much xxx

  2. If you don’t sign off with a X or a smiley face your text feels unfinished, like an unfinished letter and that feels sad. Long may the X reign! xxxx:)xxxx

  3. Definitely to ‘x’. I think it is a great way to show a bit of affection. Ok I would not usually kiss as many people in the physical world as I do in the virtual world but I would show them some sign of affection and informality. I need some way to do that that fits into 140 characters.

    This, of course, swings the other way and means I would never send ‘x’s to anyone I’m formal with in the physical world. In fact, when I came to university, one lecturer reminded us that it was inappropriate to send kisses in emails. Yikes.

    Katie x (yup that’s right you get an ‘x’ because we converse enough on blogs and twitter enough)

  4. 😀 xoxoxo and all that…except you are right…i still call my readers lovies on occasion because i love them and i do use xxx all the time but this whole smiley was horrifying when i first started on WP not realizing the innocuous little colon-paranthesis became a FACE. O>M>G. anyway that was a whole 4? months ago and i am using them still. now this liking thing… well, not sure i “like” that because i like contact with readers and thus people of the living sort. but perhaps that takes time. who knows, it’s fun for now. xox 😉 (sorry…but… well i just cannot be discreet and i really thought the “X” meant xanax and was all over it to see what you had to say then saw i didn’t relate as i don’t know how to teXt. ah well, there’s worse things… X

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