Soooo Busy…

Okay, well maybe not that busy but busy enough to be struggling to find time to blog. ‘Take a mini-break’ whispered the sensible part of me, ‘remember you are wise now and know how to live a balanced life’.

Look, busy, busy:

I’m working on a few pieces for other people, which is exciting. And allows me to put big ticks against my writing goals.

And I’m involved in an extremely important project: helping my best friend look gorgeous for her wedding day. This has been so much fun (Bridezilla moments have been minimal), we have been to the swankiest shops in Birmingham and London; met wannabe fashion designers moonlighting as sales assistants; giggled loudly on the train as commuters looked disapprovingly into their iPhones. But the highlight was her trying on a pair of shoes which she did not realise cost £3,500. Hahaha….

I’m also getting my new experience quota: I popped my opera cherry last week. It was beautiful, although I’m not sure I will become an operatic fan like I am with the ballet. And as for Husband, he said he preferred Guns and Roses!

And I’m sorting a few final pieces on the refurbishment project.

See – all go. But in a perfectly balanced kinda way don’t you think?

In the meantime there’s plenty in the archives. If you’re new here you may want to look in favourites. Or if you want to read about my recovery journey, maybe start here.

See you soon my lovelies, when I’ve cleared some of my deadlines…xx

9 thoughts on “Soooo Busy…

  1. £3,500 shoes! Did they have one of the fish pedicures going on inside? Think I will add them to my wish list. Hope the early days of spring support and encourage you with your many projects x

  2. The phrase Jois de vivre came to mind reading your latest, not having time to blog means your out there doing your sparkly thang!!

    I can just see those lovely big ticks, what a great feeling, creating intention & the realisation of all you imagined coming through, tis fab Mrs! May it continue to grow brightly & blossom in the best of ways for you as you go forwards.

    What a year it shall be hey for us both hey!


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