Winter Sun

Hey my lovelies

You know how it’s really cold here at the moment – well it’s not in Antigua! Yes, it’s already time (spoilt cow) for another break.

Summer clothes have been freed from the back of the wardrobe; suntan lotion has been purchased; swimsuit is ready (obviously, not a bikini. No, no six-pack yet) – all of which seems bonkers in January. Leaving in a fur coat and boots, then stripping en route to a flimsy dress and sandals? (This makes me sound like a hooker doesn’t it? Whoops.)

See you soon



6 thoughts on “Winter Sun

    • Sensibly living – I like!

      Yes, this is Shirley Heights. And yes, you are so right – how magical (it sounds like you have been?)

      The trip was fantastic (and yes, I will predictably be blogging about it very soon!)

      Hope all is well with you…xx

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