iLust. iLove. iChange.

Of all the changes I have made since I started my reinvention tour, this is without a doubt the most exciting: I am now the ridiculously chuffed owner of an iPad.

Any of you who hang out with me on Twitter or Facebook, will have seen me get a little carried away over my recent purchase: ‘I’m so excited I can’t breathe’ may ring a bell!

To you this may be just a small laptop, but to me this is a life changing event. I know, a bold statement, even for this self-confessed drama queen, but bear with me.

Over the last six months I have worked to create the right environment for my new life: my new life as a writer. But I have found that whilst I have enjoyed dedicating more of my time to writing, as a result, I have spent more time alone; and this coupled with Husband’s schedule often taking him away with work, has meant a feeling of isolation was sneaking in. I knew when I started talking to Izzy – our purple velvet dog – that it was time to make some changes.

I found I was arranging to meet friends for coffee to break up my week, which is all very lovely in a ‘lady of leisure’ kind of way, but was getting in the way of my goal of creating more time to write.

So I decided I needed to be mobile; I need to be able to be the stereotypical writer in a coffee shop. And in a weird twist of fate, I had the money to go out and treat myself to an iPad: my husband and family clubbed together for my 40th birthday in January for a weekend away for my best friend and I. Anyway, for one reason and another the trip never happened, and I had the money sitting in my bank account unspent. So I asked Husband if he would mind if I redirected the funds. And obviously, he couldn’t say no to his wife following her dreams, not without looking unsupportive anyway (nicely played me. But sorry Besty about the trip…)

With all the big decisions made (memory size, 3G or wi-fi, colour) I went off last week to buy my ‘new life’; the guy in Comet said he’d never met such an enthusiastic customer before. As I skipped out of the shop (too much?) I knew I was taking another big step forward; another step towards my reinvention.

But first, I must pay homage to the sexiness of the iPad; I am not a technology geek, but my God, I have iLust. Even at home, I can’t get enough of my new love interest – the laptop now sits neglected on the dining room table, unable to compete for my attention.

But as beautiful as it is on the outside, its real attraction to me is the inside: I am now free, free to write anywhere, anytime. I will no longer be relying on Izzy for company, I will be sitting in stylish coffee shops with other creative types, writing away.

So, yes to you it may be just a small laptop, but to me, it is the start of something; it is a commitment to a new career; it is a symbol of my confidence in my wellness; it feels, well it just feels amazing – to be out and about, in the normal world again after all this time is everything I have worked towards, so please forgive me my iLove, I can’t help it. In fact, I think I have just shed an iTear.

ALL I need now is to find lots of people who want to pay me to write – or at least enough to cover the cost of all my coffees!

This post comes to you from Cafe Contemporary Nottingham 🙂

Oh, and I have a favour to ask you: please can you support my nomination for Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011. I am very excited about being nominated and whilst I don’t expect to come anywhere near the top of the list, even just sneaking in at number 50 would be good going for a small, newish blog like mine – and would bring me loads of exposure.

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13 thoughts on “iLust. iLove. iChange.

    • Hi Evan

      No, I don’t have a separate keyboard. I already had an iPhone so I was used to the touch screen. I knew – just like when I got the iPhone – it would feel odd for a day or so, then I would get totally used to it.

      I still do the odd thing on the laptop, but not very much.

      Hope things are good with you…xx

  1. So happy you have found new ilove. ilust after hubby’s ipad. Although the keypad drives me batty. I’m way too used to a full sized qwerty keyboard. And no skipping out of the store is not too much 😉

    • It was big skipping too! 🙂

      I have got used to the keyboard. As I was just saying to Evan, I already had an iPhone, so I was used to the touch screen.

      The odd thing is easier on the laptop, but overall (as you may have picked up) I am a total convert.

      Hope everything is okay with you lovely…xxx

  2. Hello Karen
    How are you?
    I loved your sense of humour displayed in the article and now you are making me feel JEALOUS because I don’t have one lol!!
    It’s great to read/know you are in high spirits.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

  3. Hi Karen. I do a lot of writing too and looked into changing my old MacBook pro for an iPad setup. In the end I decided to go with a new MacBook Air, just because I need the full operating system for other stuff. However, I spent quite a number of hours experimenting with a possible iPad writing setup (I have an old iPad 1st gen so could do some tests). Writing with an external keyboard is brilliant and on a par with a laptop. I would recommend looking at the Zagg cases that have a built in keyboard and hold the iPad at the right angle. In terms of software, iAWriter is fantastic for full screen writing and can sync with your other computers if they are Macs. Finally, I had great results connecting a bluetooth headset so you can listen to music whilst writing without the wires.

    • Hi Jonathon

      Thank you for all the great advice.

      I am getting on very well with my new friend! Even at home, I am invariably using the iPad. But you are right, occasionally I want different functionality and revert back to the laptop.

      Happy Christmas to you.


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