Change Your Thoughts

Hey my lovelies

In the spirit of putting myself about, I have a guest post today over at one of those swanky, popular, personal development blogs. The post is at Change Your Thoughts and is about how I have gone from being a Stress Head to a Zen Goddess – or at least how I am moving in that direction! It would be lovely to see you over there if you fancy it.

And if you’re feeling particularly generous, whilst you’re over there you can vote for me to be included in the top 50 personal development blogs of 2011. Whilst I don’t expect to come anywhere near the top of this list, as there are so many inspiring and established blogs out there, even coming in at number 50 would be good exposure for me. All you have to do is click here and leave a comment saying: ‘I vote for The Reinvention Tour because Karen is amazing’. Or something like that! Don’t worry about lying, I’m fine with that 🙂

Thank you as ever for all the blog loving. I hope you are having a fabulous day….xx

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