Turkish Delight

Imagine that, four weeks into my reinvention and it’s time for a break already 😉 We are off to Turkey for two weeks (Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Yalikavik).

Sofa and the City readers will know that I often pop off on a mini adventure, if you are new here you will soon realise that I am away a lot (so far this year we have been to Tenerife, Malaysia and Italy). I know – spoilt cow. Continue reading

The Peaceful Warrior

Oh my, how lovely you have all been sharing your experiences of stress and how you manage it (eating a pint of ice cream or taking seroquel were my favourite suggestions), and giving me wise words of encouragement.

I am glad to report that I am back to my usual chirpy self: the sun is flooding into the apartment, the patio doors are open and I can see the swans gliding elegantly on the canal; my neighbour has just bought me round a plant and a bottle of wine (at 8.30 am!), and I am sipping coffee and writing – life feels good again. Continue reading

Stressed to Kill

When I started planning my reinvention into something new and sparkly and amazing, it didn’t occur to me that becoming a calm, stress free goddess should have been my main focus.

Last week I got myself into a right state. At the best of times I am a stress head, worrying about things that don’t need worrying about (and certainly don’t deserve the level of attention I invariably give them); having tantrums that are neither attractive or useful; obsessed with getting things done off my to-do list (a list I have created in the first place). Continue reading

I love and accept myself…

‘Wow. You don’t have any lines on your forehead’ my best friend observed (much to the delight of my new no fringe hair cut). But what started out as an innocent comment quickly spiralled into a detailed assessment of our faces and bodies.

‘Yeah but my wrinkles round my eyes are really bad’ I replied.

‘I think my eyes have actually started dropping.’

‘I don’t think the dark circles around my eyes are getting any worse as I get older, so that’s something isn’t it?’ I said hopefully. Continue reading